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As one of our earliest and most enduring client relationships, we continue to create awareness and visibilty for the American Automobile Association as being more multi-dimensional than a provider of auto insurance and roadside assistance. Working on virtually every business unit, we have promoted club offerings from annuities and retirement planning to home protection and myriad retail discount programs. In addition, we have developed high profile co-op marketing programs with entertainment partners like Disney and Dreamworks, amplifying AAA's reach and relevance on multiple levels across its membership base.

Scope of Work:

  • Naming
  • Identity Creation
  • Brand Identity
  • Website Design
  • Website Development
  • Copywriting
  • Photography
A tri-fold brochure for identity protection services, lying flat, displaying the headline 'Your identity belongs to you' with informational content and pricing below. There is also an angled view of a tri-fold brochure for identity protection services, partially open, featuring a home's interior on the cover with the tagline 'Don't leave your identity open to theft'.
A digital tablet displaying an advertisement for life insurance with a close-up image of a mother and child affectionately touching noses, with a tagline about love. A magazine spread open to an advertisement for permanent life insurance through AAA, showing images of a happy family and providing contact information and pricing details.
Pull-up banner for identity theft protection featuring a male professional working on a laptop, with the logo of AAA and the text 'NEW ProtectMyID® Platinum Enroll today!' prominently displayed. There is also a stand-up banner for life insurance from AAA showing a family playing together on the floor, with the text 'Plan for your family's future. Ask how today!'
Rear view from inside a car of two people driving along a coastal road.
Open magazine displaying the Member Savings Guide
A flyer tilted to the side, advertising a savings deal for an event called 'TURBO' with a graphic of an animated snail and tagline 'Zoom into SAVE'. A vertical pull-up banner for a 'TURBO PIT CREW' event featuring animated characters and images of a race car, with AAA branding at the top.
Three smartphones side by side, each displaying a different AAA service advertisement. The first promotes road trip readiness and quality car care, the second offers a 'Road Trip Ready Service Package', and the third displays a limited time offer for a service priced.

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