AVANT Restaurant

Rancho Bernardo Inn, San Diego

Avant Restaurant

When approached by Rancho Bernardo Inn to revitalize its hotel's signature restaurant, Strausberg Group envisioned a brand that would appropriately capture the restaurant’s French concept, while also bringing a fresher, lighter, Californian vibe that would resonate with the venue's target audience. Strausberg proposed the name “AVANT” which means “forward” in French – reflecting the restaurant's refreshed, forward-thinking take on cuisine. The agency developed a visual identity package, with vibrant collateral incorporating a fork as the icon, emblematic of the culinary focus on seasonal, “farm-to-fork” ingredients.

Scope of Work:

  • Naming
  • Brand Identity
  • Experiment Collateral
A chef in a white jacket is garnishing a dish of steak tartare with an egg yolk on top, accompanied by toasted bread and a side of seasoning.
A paper take-out bag with the logo 'AVANT' printed on it. A trifold menu for 'AVANT' restaurant open on a tabletop, showing various gourmet food options categorized under starters, mains, and culinary specials.
An open magazine featuring a surfboard standing upright in an olive grove, with the text 'California touches the Mediterranean' introducing Southern California's new culinary adventure at AVANT.
A laptop screen displaying a webpage for 'AVANT' restaurant, showing a lively dining scene, with a sidebar detailing about the restaurant, menus, private events, and contact information; and the main section featuring a meet-the-chef segment with a photo of a dish.
A stack of business cards for AVANT, with contact information and the AVANT logo, displayed on a textured surface.
A close-up of fresh vegetables, including artichokes, onions, and herbs held in someone's hands, suggesting farm-to-table culinary freshness. A digital tablet displaying a page titled 'ROAST' featuring the chef 'NIC' with winter recipes and promotional text for AVANT restaurant, including images of a duck, suggesting gourmet offerings.
A laid out print advertisement or flyer for AVANT, featuring large text 'SAVOR' with images of the restaurant's interior, food, and patrons enjoying meals, and text inviting readers to experience dining and special offers.
A mural on a wall featuring the AVANT logo and various food and animal illustrations with text 'VENTURE FORWARD' and a tagline 'Entertaining nightly, happy hour details, and complimentary valet parking,' with a woman and a man walking past.

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