Cork Fire Kitchen

Temecula Creek Inn, CA

Cork Fire Kitchen

Temecula Creek Inn, a hotel nestled within wine country in Southern California’s Temecula Valley, was looking to rebrand its signature restaurant. Naming the restaurant Cork I Fire Kitchen was the first step in our approach to creating a complete brand identity that would honor the restaurant’s rustic vibe and artisanal, organic farm-fresh fare. Our creative use of an illustrative style of etching to design the logo and all collateral set the foundation for a brand package that covered everything to menu design and décor, to employee uniforms to marketing newsletters.

Scope of Work:

  • Naming
  • Brand Identity
  • Digital Marketing
Branding materials for 'CORK & FIRE' displayed on a wall, including a kraft paper menu, a business card, a coffee cup with a checkered pattern, and a promotional card stating 'This pig is yours!'
Interior view of 'CORK & FIRE' restaurant showing a rustic dining space with wood paneling, leather seats, black bar stools, and pendant lighting. A paper bag with a checkered orange pattern hanging on the wall containing a round loaf of bread and two breadsticks, bearing the 'CORK & FIRE' logo.
A bottle of 'CORK & FIRE Chardonnay' wine lying on its side, with a simple and elegant label indicating the wine variety and brand.
An open trifold menu for 'CORK & FIRE' restaurant, displaying various sections for sandwiches, starters, entrees, flatbreads, and bar plates, each with detailed descriptions and prices of the offerings, next to a lunch menu card with a checkered pattern.

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