Hotel Lulu

Anaheim, CA

Hotel Lulu

Located in Anaheim and just minutes from Disneyland, Hotel Lulu is all about magic and enchantment. Inspired by the word “lulu,” meaning something remarkable, wonderful, or special, Strausberg created a brand identity that was quirky, fanciful and playful. To personify the lighthearted exuberance and fun-loving brand personality of the hotel, we introduced the illustrated mascot character “Lulu” – she’s sassy and embodies the fashionably relaxed Southern Californian spirit. From the color palette to the interior/exterior design aesthetic to the smallest, finest details like coffee cups and room service collaterals, our comprehensive brand book meticulously and charmingly positions the hotel as the perfect destination that keeps the magic of a trip to Disneyland alive all vacation long.

Scope of Work:

  • Naming
  • Identity Creation
  • Brand Identity
An open matchbox with a design from Hotel Lulu, featuring the text 'STRIKE UP A CONVERSATION' and an illustration of a woman with a cocktail, against a yellow and diamond-patterned background.
A hotel room key card for Hotel Lulu with a graphic of a woman in a bathing suit lounging under palm trees, set against a yellow geometric pattern. A person carrying a canvas tote bag with 'Hotel Lulu' branding, featuring a drawn female character with a hotel bellhop cart and luggage, indicative of hotel guest services.
Hotel Lulu Door Hangers
Hotel Lulu Postcard
A gourmet burger with a skewer on a wooden board, served with fries, ketchup, and a glass of beer in the background, suggesting a casual dining experience. A carry-out bag from Lulu's Kitchen with the restaurant's logo on a kraft paper background, hinting at a takeout or delivery service.
Two disposable coffee cups with lids, one featuring the logo of Lulu's Kitchen and the other adorned with an illustration of a female chef, representing the brand's identity.
Kids play at the pool

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